Sports program

 Sports are known for producing the most remarkable athletes, colorful characters, influential leaders and memorable heroes. A small throng of individuals with significant legacy.

The five S’s of sports training are: S – stamina, S- speed, S- strength, S- skill, S- spirit but the greatest of these is spirit. ~ Ken Doherty.

 We Zionst are very good at keeping up our spirits. The first week of September has been the week of Zionist Attitude. Our children took part and played a major role in the A- Zone events conducted by Government Boys Higher Secondary School, Pattiveeranpatti. There is no doubt that women are playing major role in all fields. Zion being an epitome of women empowerment once again proved that our girls are no less than boys. They took part in various events and strode out of the campus with medals and certificates.

Girls under 14

  1. Nikiha Angelin. M ( Discus  – II,  shot-put throw –  II)
  2. Shamli sherina. (100M — II, 200M — II)
  3. Akshaya (Shotput throw – II)

Girls under 17

  1. Rizwana. A (100M – -II)
  2. Snowly Reya. (Discus throw – II)
  3. Asima Marcia (Shot-put throw – II)

Girls under 19

  1. Jenisha – Discus throw – II
  2. Jenifer – Shot-put throw – II

Girls under 14

Throw ball – Runner-up

  1. Nikita Angelin. M 2. Yamini Esther. J 3.Shalini.D 4. Samlee. T  5. Jemima Jose.J  6. Evagelin Preethi.A  7.Mercilla Mary.E  8. Akshaya.R  9. Ashmitha. V  10. Harithra.M  11. Joys Merlin.S

Girls under 17

  1. Rizwana .A (Tennikoit – Runner-up)

Girls under 19

  1. Angelina Catherine (Shuttlecock singles – Runner)

“All right call me a Tomboy, Tomboys get medals, Tomboys win championships, Tomboys can fly…Ohhh…. Tomboys aren’t boys”

    – Julie Foudy

Yes!!! Our girls of Zion brought laurels by winning the zonal football match.

Our Team of Tomboys

  1. Rizwana. A 2. Almas. A 3.Afros Nitha. R  4.Agnes Jenita.  A  5. Asima Marcia. A  6. Dhanya Sherrin. J  7. Arshitha Fathima. H  8. Priyadharshini. S  9. Nithya Shree. R  10. Benciya Jenifer. S 11. Sarah Gladia. M  12. Yessica Fernando. A 13. Joys Catherine. J  14. Suba Ragavi. V

Jim Courier Says,

Sportsmanship for me is when a guy walks off the court and can’t really say whether he won or lost, when he carries himself with pride either way.

And that was the attitude of our boys when they strode out of the campus with medals.

Boys under 17

  1. Karan. C (long jump, 100m, 200m Running) – 3rd place

Boys under 19

  1. Avinash J (100m) – 2rd places
  2. Avinash J (200m) – 3rd places
  3. Isaac Penial (110m) – 1st place

Under 17 Football – Runner up

Under 14 Football – Runner up

Olympic moto says – Faster, Higher, Stronger – Together. Yes! Together everything is possible. Come join us at Zion to enjoy the true spirit of togetherness.