Etched in biblical paradigms, impelled by faith and grounded in celestial philosophies, Zion Matriculation Higher Secondary School was founded atop the Princess of Hill stations in 1981. Dr. Kurian Abraham founded Zion School with a vision to provide equal educational opportunities to the Kodaikanal community, while striving for world-class academic quality. Zion has endeavored for overall spiritual, academic, emotional, interpersonal and professional development of students since its inception. The unified vision of the executive management and staff to transform students into scholars who are primed to overcome the challenges of the 21st century across all arenas on a global platform is the impetus for its existence.

Zion is a place for enhancing knowledge, honing intellectual proficiencies and building life-long comradeships in a vivacious campus community. A thirst for excellence and pursuit of perfection has produced numerous statewide accomplishments in both academics and sports over the years. Zion adheres to a student-centered learning environment where teaching methodologies are tailor-made to accommodate the diverse learning styles of the current generation. Ultramodern technological aids such as Educomp Smart Class, instructive CDs and multiple audio-visual aids are utilized on a daily basis to ensure comprehensive attainment of knowledge.


Our mission at Zion is to transform the novice minds of today into future scholars, leaders and pundits by instilling core values of tolerance, righteousness, compassion, benevolence and humility in a dynamic and enthusing academic environment.


  • Consistently secured # 1 results in Kodaikanal among matriculation schools with 100% first class scores.
  • Achieved centum results for multiple subjects at both secondary and higher secondary level.
  • Equaled the 2nd highest total (498/500) in Tamil Nadu at the secondary level.
  • State, divisional, district and zonal level championships for football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, chess, carom board and throw ball.
  • Multiple Gold, Silver and Bronze medals for athletics at state, divisional, district and zonal levels.