Photography Club

A picture is worth a thousand words. – Ben Shneiderman. Students are encouraged to enroll in the photography club to kindle their creativity and master the art of cinematography and filmmaking. The 5-month course is taught by a professional photographer using state of the art DSLR cameras for a nominal fee. Students are encouraged to bring their own devices to maximize their learning experience.

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A fully equipped canteen is available within the premises for both day scholars and resident students. The canteen serves a wide array of scrumptious delicacies and refreshments and can undertake bulk orders for special events like birthday celebrations. Stationery items, snacks, juices and other basic amenities may be purchased at subsidized rates at the school’s canteen.


In light of the controversial consequences that modern society unleashes on the health and well being of the current generation, Yoga is offered at Zion to unearth the infinite potentials of the mind and soul. Weekly sessions are held under the supervision of a certified yoga instructor who systematically trains participants to achieve maximum benefits of this 10,000 year old art form.

Spoken English Classes

Mastery of English both in written and oral form is vital to establish dominance and remain competitive in today’s highly aggressive global platform. Realizing that the rote method of learning that is purely test oriented is insufficient to develop an all rounded student, the Spoken English Class focuses on verbal communication with an emphasis on grammatical and phonetic fluency.

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Career Services

At Zion’s Career Services Center, our goal is to build a bridge between a completed higher secondary education and a successful career. Whether you are still deciding your college major or have already decided on a specific program, we can assist you with a smooth transition from school to college. We offer a number of online resources as well as one-on-one assistance to prepare you for the journey ahead.

Junior Red Cross

 Zion in association with Kodaikanal’s Red Cross Society encourages students to volunteer in community outreach programs to increase awareness about existing social issues that plague our locality. Active participation in inter-district camps that focus on sanitation, humanitarian ideals, disaster readiness, philanthropy and family values fosters a conducive environment for cultural exchange and interaction.

Music Academy

Music is the literature of the heart; it commences where speech ends. Students aspiring to become world class musicians or those who simply desire to sharpen their innate musical talents can join Zion’s Music Academy. The music program comprises of training in multilingual songs, instruments and dance forms. Participants may showcase their skills during events on campus and inter-school contests.

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Commuters may avail the transportation facilities offered by the institution to warrant prompt arrival and departure to and from campus. Bus routes are available on all working days even beyond the city limit for those who require transportation. Experienced drivers and dedicated conductors with safety as their paramount priority will ensure timely commutes for students.

Ice Skating

Ice Skating has proven to be one of the most popular and trendy leisure activities for both tourists and residents of Kodaikanal. Zionists can join the ice skating arena where they may pursue the sport for entertainment or with professional aspirations. Instructors are equipped to train participants to compete at state and national level events. Students participate on a weekly basis according to their respective age groups for a nominal fee.

boys hostel

Boys' Hostel

The boys' hostel provides a safe, comfortable, and supportive environment with spacious, well-furnished rooms, nutritious meals, and recreational facilities. Each room is equipped with essential furniture, including beds, study tables, chairs, and wardrobes. Dining services offer a variety of balanced meals, catering to special dietary needs. Recreational amenities include common areas and various indoor and outdoor sports facilities, ensuring a well-rounded living experience that supports both academic and personal growth.

girls hostel

Girls' Hostel

The girls' hostel offers a safe, nurturing, and serene environment focused on supporting students' academic and personal development. Each room is thoughtfully furnished with beds, study tables, chairs, and wardrobes to provide a comfortable living space. The dining hall serves a variety of healthy and balanced meals, accommodating special dietary needs. Recreational amenities include well-maintained common areas and facilities for various indoor and outdoor activities, creating opportunities for relaxation and social engagement. The hostel is designed to foster a supportive community, empowering students to thrive in all aspects of their school life.


Zion's MultiSpecality Kitchen

Our state-of-the-art multispeciality kitchen provides nutritious and delicious meals for students. Equipped with modern facilities, it ensures high standards of hygiene and food safety. We offer a diverse menu that caters to various dietary needs and preferences. The nutritious meals support the overall health and well-being of students, contributing to their academic and personal growth. Experience the excellent culinary services that make our institution a home away from home.