Quiz program

Who? When? Where? What? and How?

Pop quiz – ”  What happens when an organization with a vision of providing limitless knowledge to the students and a school which lights up the world around through Education meet together to organize a program? “

The answer is the Inter school quiz program conducted by the SIOL knowledge society at our Zion International Campus on 01.09.2022.

       The word quiz possibly originates from the Latin word “Qui es?” meaning “who are you?” But today it is used to seek answers for questions like Who? When? Where? What? And How? Through which the students seek knowledge about the world, how things work and what’s happening around them in various fields. The quiz program at Zion campus was no different. The students from various schools participated under 3 categories.

     The questions ranged from General knowledge, History to current affairs. The enthusiasm of the students lit up the place. Our students won the appreciation of the organizers and participants for being excellent host and competitive contestants. All in all, it was preview of numerous events that are queued in to happen at Zion International School, Kodaikanal. So, come join us at Zion campus, to experience all the excitement, energy and enthusiasm.