My garbage, my responsibility

“One man’s garbage is another man’s gold”. Yes indeed, Do you know that the slurry, sewage water can be used to lit up 100 bulbs for 10 hours? Do you know that the sludge (biodegradable solid waste) can be used in organic farming? The city of Kodaikanal has decided not to tolerate garbage on streets and public places. We already have ban on plastic bags, bottles, etc in full effect. But that’s not enough. More than 60% of the garbage is generated in the household rather than the presumed tourist sports.

So Kodaikanal  municipality has taken the new initiative of “My garbage, my responsibility”. When it comes to social responsibility, Zion International School has never been hesitant. Starting from teaching the students to keep the campus and their home clean to creating awareness about wate management.

On 12.07.2022, our students participated in the “My garbage, my responsibility” Initiative launched by Kodaikanal municipality. The students learned how to handle garbage/ waste environmentally, economically and effectively. Mr. Marimuthu and Mr. Alexander sanitary inspectors – Kodaikanal, explained about the efforts taken to sort the garbage, discard plastic waste and use the biodegradable wastes, Sludge(solid) and slurry (Liquid) can be used to produce organic manure and biogas respectively. They also explained about the high cost installations in Kodaikanal for the processing of garbage.

Students understood

  • How Harmful and dangerous even a small piece of plastic can be.
  • How can waste be treated effectively to safeguard the environment.
  • How can waste management be a business opportunity.

All in all “How to keep Kodaikanal, clean”.

But that’s not the end of the story. In the later half of the day, students of Zion involved themselves in an intra-school, event on ” My garbage, my responsibility ” Initiative. Speech competition, drawing competition, etc were conducted for the students.

With the enthusiasm seen in students of Zion, it’s very clear that “Our future is secured and Kodaikanal will continue to be princess of hills… Garbage free!