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A long due

“The taste of the wine is as good as it age”. Yes! Our Zion campus did have a magnanimous ceremony after two long years. On 22nd July 2022 Zion had it investiture ceremony 2022. New Year new role taker and new beginning to this academic year.

The ceremony was marked by the traditional assembly. The presence of our honorable correspondent sir and pretty madam gave the right flavor to such exuberant celebration.

The smile on the faces of the parents as the new SPL, Sports captain, house captains and their deputies took charge was just scenic.

The speech by our executive correspondent Patrice sir showed right road to be taken for our journey from “Failure to success”.

Short and sweet speech by our beloved correspondent sir was as inspiring as ever….

All in all, The Zion campus experience is something to cherish. So, what are you waiting for? Come join us in design campus to have so many more wonderful such experiences