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A New Start

Starting a new school year is always full of emotions and especially during a pandemic. But joy of being at school has surpassed the fear of covid. For the first time in three years, the campus is active, alive and alluring to see. The class have started, students are striking back to the basics. The school is buzzing with the sounds of  teachers teaching and students learning their daily lessons. But that’s not all. Zion campus has more to offer.

  • Yoga, Silambam and Karate classes to strengthen the physique
  • Library, Moral Science, General Knowledge, Quantitative aptitude classes to strengthen the mind.

If that is enticing… We’ve got Sports day coming up and the students, along with the P.E.Ts have already started to sweat it out on the field.

Refreshed sorting of students and teachers into the four houses (Keats, Milton, Shakespeare and Wordsworth) has added more excitement.

Come join the Zion family to witness excitement, energy and enthusiasm of being at school.

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