Top Schools In Kodaikanal

Zion Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal the princesses of hills is a mesmerizing beauty of nature. It is a place not just known for its serenity but also educational institutions that provide great education. No crown is complete without a crown jewel. Zion International School has been shining bright as the crown jewel of school education for the past 41 years in Kodaikanal.

Our Beloved Correspondent Dr. Kurian Abraham has always believed that “Education is a service and people who offer it are choosen People of God”

Education is the tool that breaks down all barriers. Education is part of the foundation of all progress and growth, both as an individual and as a society. At Zion we firmly believe in this. Education needs to be a combination of intelectual, Social and Spiritual enrichment. Our campus has always been and will continue to be a dwelling place of God Almighty and with His grace, we have been able to provide excellent education to all our students since 1981.

Many Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, Actors, Entrepreneurs and Teachers who serve this society in the nook and corners of the Society are proud prodigies of our esteemed institution. Powered by the intelect of dedicated teacher and Benovelent support staff the Zion family has always welcomed students from all walks of the society.

We have had students from various places in India and abroad. The wonderful atmosphere, facilities and top notch education they received from Zion has made them shine in all walks of life. The residential life at Zion has created the sence of life long brotherhood and sense of family in the hostelites.

Overall it’s a wonderful experience to be at Zion. Come Join us in this journey of lifetime.