The excitement never Ceases

Every week is ecstatic at Zion. So much is happening day after day at Zion campus. Third week of July was no exception. What makes a great citizen? Knowledge about the law of the land and awareness about our responsibilities. This was the emphasis, behind the program on 23.07.2022 (Saturday).

A special program on “Awareness on drug abuse and law” Was conducted at Suresh Memorial Hall in the campus. Inspector of police All women’s police station, Kodaikanal, Deputy Superintendent of Police and Honorable Judge Mr. Karthick preceded over the program and gave valuable information to the students of Zion. Honorable Judge Karthick sir made it an interesting, interactive and inspiring session for the Students.

Students not only got a clear insight on law, rights and responsibilities but were also inspired. This was evident when the SPL Ms. Faheema of class 12 asked “Sir, How do I become a judge like you?” to Honorable Judge Mr. Karthick, during the interactive session.

So, what are you waiting for? Put on your Hiking shoes, come join us at Zion campus in the “Princess of hills” Kodaikanal.