Together.. Brighter..

26 July was a much awaited Red letter day in the book of Zion school. It was the day of colours, it was a day of day of strength, stamina and sportsmanship. Yes, it was the 38th annual Sports day of Zion. The two day event took place on 26th and 27th of July 2023. The odds were against us as there was a heavy down pour and constant showers for two weeks before that. But the sincere prayers of staff, students, management parents and well wishers, everlasting grace of Lord Almighty was upon us. The weather was pleasant with a bright sun and gentle winds.

The smile, enthusiasm and eagerness of the students made the event even more brighter. Day one had many track and field events that was witnessed by parents and the entire audience. The occasion was even more beautiful and blessed with the presence of our magnanimous leader, our Founder Correspondent Sir and madam correspondent as Chief guests.

Day two, the mega event on 27th of July was all the more brighter and better. Presence of The chief guest of the day, the young Deputy Superintendent of Police, Kodaikanal Mrs.Madhumathi and the guest of honour Commander Ashwin John Fernandes added flavour to the already colourful day.

The athletes from all the four houses (Shakespeare, Milton, Wordsworth and Keats) participated with full involvement and energy, securing maximum points for their respective houses. Orchestra of school band, well trained march of the houses and perfectly directed mass drill were all spectacular for even the casual onlookers.

The students also displayed their Karate, Silambam and yoga skills. The fearless display of these arts of self defense was all in all ‘flamboyance at work’.

Towards the end of an eventful sports day, Milton house in green were in glee winning the overall championship followed by Wordsworth in the second place.

Zion family is proud of our students and we stand together with our heads held high in this amazing achievement against all odds. Come join us at Zion School Campus, Kodaikanal.

Our future is… Together… Brighter!