Sports Day

Sports Day

Arise… Awake and always be Ahead

“Physical toughness and Mental Health are both improved by practicing a sport”.

Zion School celebrated its 37th Annual Sports Meet on 25 and 26 of November 2022.

A typical Sports day consists of events which many schools stage in which students participate in sporting activities. They usually participate to win trophies or prizes. Sports Day is a very exciting and happy day that every student looks forward to. Every student can participate in different types of sporting events.

But that’s how sports day happens all around the world. What makes Zion School Sports meet different? It’s the Discipline of the students, Dedication of the teachers, Determination of the Athletes and the Delight of the parents.

The two day event took more than two weeks of planning and practice.. Nevertheless all the efforts came good as spectacular event was staged stupendously.

Thanks to Lord Almighty for the good weather and thanks to the audience for their throughout support. If you have missed the marvel that unfolded on Friday (25/11/2022) and Saturday (26/11/2022), Don’t worry we have full photo update of the year’s Sport’s meet.

Come and join us in Kodaikanal at Zion Campus