Princess of hills…

So, what shall we talk about? We all know the exuberance of Zion School as an Adobe of excellence in education. But the location of Zion School, Kodaikanal, has its own flavor. During the monsoon season, Kodaikanal transforms into a lush, green paradise as the rain breathes life into the surrounding hills and valleys. Mist-laden landscapes create a mystical ambiance, enhancing the charm of this enchanting destination. The winters bring a chill to the air, with temperatures occasionally dropping to single digits, offering visitors a chance to experience a touch of cold in the otherwise tropical region.

The climate of Kodaikanal, characterized by its pleasant temperatures and scenic beauty, makes it a year-round destination for nature lovers and those seeking respite from the extremes of weather elsewhere.

Pack your bags, join us at Zion Campus in Kodaikanal to enjoy this scenic beauty