It’s Review time

Parents-teacher meetings are crucial events in the educational journey of a child. On the other hand, A staff meeting for teachers with the school Management is a significant event in the academic calendar. While The atmosphere in a parents-teacher meeting is one of shared responsibility, where the best interests of the child are at the forefront. Staff meetings provide a platform for open and constructive dialogue between the teaching staff and the school’s Management . If Conducting one such event successfully is a herculean task.. Imagine both of them happening in the same week.

Only Zion can pull off such a task with ease. Yeah… you read it right. Last week our Honorable and Beloved Correspondent sir met all the parents of Class IX students and explained the significance of the parents and the school working together to improve the quality of the students and mold a better future for them.

His magnanimous presence and depth of his words were acknowledged by the parents who assured their full support to the teachers and management.

Following this significant event we also had our staff review meeting on Saturday. Which was preceded over by Honorable Correspondent Sir. The results of quarterly examination from kindergarten to class XII was reviewed. Performances were apprised Appreciation, recommendation, suggestions and encouragement were given to Excellent average, below average and scope – filled performances respectively.

All in all it was a week of reviewing and resetting of the path to success at Zion Matriculation  School Campus, Kodaikanal. We need your support to succeed! So, join us, support us… because, together anything is possible!