A Dance with Destiny

More than an examination day the result day gives more chills. More than the results the long wait and anticipation sends a shock wave through our heart. But, the long wait is over here in Zion campus! The results are out and as we have been doing so many years, our students have passed with flying colours. The effort of the teachers and hard work of the students have bourne its fruits.

We proud Zionist can once again put our heads high say that we have secured 100% results the recent 12th TN board exams.

Two of our students Salman Khan and Mahasin Fathima have secured centum in Commerce and Computer Application respectively.

Eleven of our students have scored above 500 with Hilmiya being the topper with 577. At this juncture we are grateful to Lord Almighty for his grace and we thank our beloved correspondent sir for his prayers, guidance and motivation.

Miles to go before I sleep and Miles to go before I sleep!

Yes, this is just the beginning of great many achievements to happen in Zion campus.. Join us and enjoy the joy of learning and embrace the pride of achievement