We may withstand many a storm together!

The weather was gloomy, cold and drizzling. The rain and cold weather had already played the spoil sport on the big day.. Our school annual day, but it couldn’t hamper the spirits of the proud Zionists. We had our school annual day under the leadership of our always awesome Correspondent Sir and madam correspondent. Students staff were up to the task even under short notice. Yes, we celebrated our 38th Annual day on Monday (06.02.2023) in the indoor Suresh Memorial Hall. With grace of Almighty and encouragement from our honorable Correspondent sir, over 20 different programs of dance, drama and speeches unfolded in next two hours. Though the parents weren’t able to attend the program, with the help of technology it was live streamed to them and they all enjoyed the program from the comfort of their homes.
All in all, this year’s annual day was a test of our adaptability and determination and Zion school came out with flying colors and impressed everyone.