Up…up…on the way!

Science exhibitions are an excellent approach to promote and investigate scientific concepts and advances. These displays allow students to share their knowledge and new ideas with the everyone. At Zion we understand this precisely and that’s the reason we had our Science exhibition last week.

The main objectives of organising the Science Exhibition were:

👉 Promoting interest in Science and Technology among younger generation.

👉 Encouraging scientific and technological creativity among students and inculcating a sense of pride in their talent.

👉 Providing exploratory experiences, encouraging creative thinking and promoting psychomotor skills among school students through self designed models or simple apparatus.

👉 Encouraging problem solving approach.

👉 Popularising Science and technology among masses and creating an awareness.

Where these motives achieved? We would proudly say YES!

Total 110 models were presented in the exhibition by students of all Classes under the guidance of respective teachers. Geography 10, Physics 08 , Chemistry 11 models, Food technology 05, computer science 08, Zoology 08, Maths 08, space science and mechanics 06 and Botany 08 were among the prominent displays.

It was a feast to the eyes and minds of all in attendance. For more such excitement Zion Matriculation Higher secondary School is the ideal place to be. So, join us and enjoy the essence of Excellent Education through practice and perfection.