One thought… One community… One goal

According to Dorothy H Cohen, “No school can work well for children if parents and teachers do not act in partnership on behalf of the children’s best interests”.

Productive collaborations between family and school, therefore, will demand that parents and teachers recognize the critical importance of each other’s participation in the life of the child. Keeping this in mind, Zion International School management arranged a meeting with the parents presided over by our honorable founder Correspondent sir Dr. Kurian Abraham.

After seeking the blessings of Lord Almighty through a short prayer from Madam Velaganni, The man of the hour, the perfect leader, our correspondent sir gave an excellent speech making the parents understand that the mutuality of knowledge, understanding, and empathy comes not only with a recognition of the child as the central purpose for the collaboration but also with a recognition of the need to maintain roles and relationships with children that are comprehensive, dynamic, and differentiated. Various topics such as support at home, high attendance rate, and special classes for the needed were all discussed.

As a closing touch…. And a touch of grace, the management and parents sort the blessings of God and blessed the students in the name of our Savior to excel in academics. Then the students took a vow to realize the dream of the parents and management through practice and perseverance.

All in all, the program was an exciting meet and for sure is the first of many such events. So join us at Zion School campus, Kodaikanal