Applause and Appreciation!

Achievement is the fruit of dedication, perseverance, and hard work. When we take a moment to appreciate the journey behind an accomplishment, we not only acknowledge the end result but also the countless hours of effort invested.

Zion Matriculation School, took up the initiative to celebrate its achievers.. It was long due, bad weather and unexpected breaks have been playing spoil sport for quite some time this year but Lord almighty graced us with wonderful weather and the spirit and enthusiasm brightened up the atmosphere even more!

Our Honorable Correspondent sir appreciated and awarded the achievers from Rotary club competitions, Drawing competitions, Singing competition, Dance competition and as a highlight Ms. Karen Sweety of class VIII was honored with special appreciation for creating a world record in Bible Recitation.

Any celebration is never complete without the words of wisdom from our ever enticing Correspondent Sir. His speech was filled with essence of energy and encouragement.

With the guidance form Sir, Madam Principal and inspiring group of teachers Zion School students are destined for greatness

All in all the atmosphere reverberated with applauses, hearts were filled with inspiring and yes, it was gleeful times in Zion campus. Join us and be joyous….