Academic audit at Zion!

In the words of our honorable founder Correspondent sir, “Love is Correction” and it is tests, corrections and audit time in Zion International School. Especially for classes 10,11 and 12 it’s time for a self – check on where they stand in their march towards a glorious victory in their final exams. 

In Zion effective training towards excellence is an everyday goal and the art of achieving that has been possible for us all these years under graceful guidance of our Correspondent sir and this year is no different.

This eventful week with sports day preparation on one side and test marks, note books and performance auditing was done by our Correspondent sir. He met each and every student one on one assessing their performance, taking their feedback and giving valuable advice to teachers and students to ensure topnotch performance in the upcoming examinations.

If you want to experience buzzing enthusiasm and power of pulchritudinous guidance, come join us at Zion School campus in the princess of hills, Kodaikanal.